Keep your kitty active with the SmartyKat Frisky Flyer Feather Wand Cat Toy. Designed to help you bond with your pal through interactive swatting play, it has an extendable wand and plenty of fluttery, wispy feathers, ribbons, furry plush and rope strings to keep your pal engaged, not to mention adding much-needed exercise to his day. It also has “Hypernip”, a specially-formulated blend of catnip and silvervine—a natural herb from Asia that’s more potent than catnip—to make playtime even more exciting. Great for indoor cats who need to keep moving, it activates your pal’s bird-chasing instinct so you can watch him hunt, whack, thump and pounce!

Key Benefits

Activates your kitty’s prey-seeking instinct for rewarding interactive playtime sessions.
Made with real fathers, plush, rope strings and ribbons so your kitty will react to it as if it were an actual bird.
Infused with “Hypernip”, a potent blend of catnip and silvervine that works for cats that are not sensitive to catnip.
Extendable wand action for customized play lets you control the movement and length.
Adds much-needed exercise for your cat to keep him healthy, especially if he’s an indoor feline.

Kitten Feather Wand


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