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About Us

Lovelee Savannah is a TICA Registered Cattery located near Palm Springs, CA.
Our cattery proudly follows the TICA Code of Ethics and is an upstanding member of the Savannah Cat Association. Our focus is to produce lovely, loving, and healthy TICA Registered F3 + SBT Savannah kittens that are affectionate exotic companions for you and your family.

** All of the savannah's used in our Breeding Program have been genetically tested for PRA and PK Deficiency and received Negative/Negative as a result. Kittens will be N/N through parentage. Copies of test results will be provided to you in your kittens binder. **

Whats Included with Your New Kitten

What's Included With Your Kitten

Purchase Agreement
Extensive Health Guarantee
TICA Registration Papers and/or Access to Pedigrees
*All Kittens Pk Def/PRA N/N Through Parentage*
Up to Date on Vaccinations
Up to Date on Deworming
Fecal Tested
Favorite Toys
Binder with Copy of Purchase Agreement, Parent Pedigrees, Parent Genetic Testing, Kittens Vet Record/Testing, and Feeding Instructions. 


Shipping of Kittens

Lovelee Savannah prefers to hand deliver your kitten to you. This ensures proper handling of the kitten with the least amount of stress possible, and peace of mind to the purchaser and the seller.

Arrangements to Deliver Kitten to you will be discussed within the Purchase Agreement. In cases where hand delivery is not possible or feasible, we are willing to ship your kitten to you Cargo Air, cost of the Veterinary Certificate of Health to fly and Shipping/Hand Delivery is not included in kitten price.


We look forward to pairing you with your new Family Companion. Keep an eye out for your own Lovelee Savannah Kitten.

Lovelee Savannah TICA Cattery Registration #35175
Lovelee Savannah TICA Responsible Breeder Code of Ethics #35175
Lovelee Savannah SCA Cattery Registration #51654

Savannah Cat Association Featured Breeder August 2020

Lovelee Savannah Cattery

About Me

My name is Toni Lee Rios and I own Lovelee Savannah Cattery. We were established in 2018. I used to breed American Eskimo puppies with my father but came across a breed I fell in love with, the Savannah! Not only is this breed of cat striking to the eye but their personalities are unmatched. They are incredibly loving and seek out your attention and touch. At Lovelee Savannah we have plenty of attention to give! Each Cat and kitten are exposed to a busy active home and regular human (and toddler) touch. Every kitten that comes from Lovelee Savannah Cattery will be guaranteed healthy,  very well socialized, and full of Love to give.

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Lovelee Savannah Cattery
Lovelee Savannah
Lovelee Savannah
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